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David M. Gurne
Designated Broker and Real Estate Agent
Focusing on Flagstaff and Northern Arizona

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Since 1995, people have called Dave Gurne, Real Estate Broker, for no-nonsense support and insight about Flagstaff and Northern Arizona properties. Whether you are a seller or potential buyer, call today so that Dave can put his talent and experience to work for YOU!

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Buying a home or property? Dave will:

  • Help identify financial resources
  • Focus on primary locations
  • Use MLS plus other key techniques to identify specific properties
  • Visit and assess properties identifying improvement opportunities
  • Inspect and value properties
  • Make and negotiate offers
  • Transact and record
  • Review improvement opportunities

Further details on the buyers info page

Selling a home or property? Dave will:

  • Evaluate your house
  • Help you establish a realistic time line for selling
  • Develop an action plan with a hook
  • Know your competition and market
  • Develop marketing plan and materials specific to your property
  • Receive and negotiate offers from buyers
  • Develop contract and complete closing
  • Exit property with maximum proceeds or 1031 property

Further details on the sellers info page

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